URBAN SCIENCE: Art meets renewable energies in the city

URBAN SCIENCE – Art meets energies in the city is a is a bilateral and transnational youth initiative that involves
the informal group of young people “INCA Switzerland” and the association “INCA Italia”

The project will last 10 months: 1.01.14- 1.10-14

It is a scientific and artistic laboratory on the ecology  topic, mainly turned at the renewable energies applications.
It will take place at ZURICH (Switzerland) and BENEVENTO (Italy, city in the south part of italy) at INCA (International Network of Culture and Arts) venues and at different locations in the cities (river, streets, parks, gardens, school yard). It is turned at generic public, schools of different level (primary, secondary and high schools) and organizations working with yuong people with fewer opportunities.
This type of project involves atistic and scientific activities for the realization of an integrated laboratory of artistic performances and scientific culture and the realization of  interactive demonstrations and installations.
The main themes are the applications of renewable energies, the respect of the enviroment and the sustainable progress.
The main objectives are the education of young people for a critical consumption and sensitize them on enviromental problems and ecological themes. It will last 10 months and wants to include the partecipation of  young people and the involvement of artists, mathematicians, physicist and young people of the local commnunity.

The following activities will be implemented:
–  Didactical Expertiments
–  Scientific skills
– Theater
– Clown
– Music
The entire project will use non formal education methods, promote active participation, develop the knowledges share competences and best practises.
The project has the ambitious purpose to encourage people to a cognitive stimulus, through the comparison with the truth, that can go beyond the explanation of a specific demonstrated phenomenon.

Pleaase contact us if you are interested in participating


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